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Ava Smart Search, the intelligent VMS with machine learning capabilities

Ava Smart Search

Ava Smart Search, the intelligent VMS with machine learning capabilities

November 25, 2021

No more spending hundreds of hours searching your VMS. With Ava Smart Search you can search by event and similarity and perform appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities to comb through countless hours of video throughout your entire deployment. Reduce forensic investigation time from days to minutes, and gain more efficiency and accuracy with the same number of operators.

Ava Smart Search can search for things like the appearance of a person, a vehicle, or a line crossing event

Ava Smart Search is a tool that allows you to search for specific events that may have occurred on one or more cameras. This allows you to look for things like the appearance of a person or a vehicle, a line crossing event (where a vehicle or person has crossed a specific virtual line that we have drawn, loitering events where a person or a vehicle may have been standing too long time in a certain place, or a person who may be acting suspiciously).

Specific smart search by person, outfit or location

Ava Smart Search allows cross-search with different parameters: we can choose what type of objects we want to search, we can stick to any one or stick to a specific person, indicating the gender if necessary, or depending on the outfit that is worn on top or lower body, even combining both colors, looking for people in uniforms or based on a description that has been provided by a third party.

We can also choose where we want to make this detection, for example, in a camera in a parking lot or on the side of a building, so if we were looking for people who may have been in front of a specific place, we can choose one or more cameras and then choose the line that we want these objects to cross to qualify for detection, also choosing the direction of movement of this object. In the case of a scenario like a shop, if we are only looking for someone who is leaving, we can uncheck the entry direction so that we are only looking for the direction outside the door.

Ava Smart Search features allow you to get to the events that matter very quickly and act accordingly, saving countless hours of searching compared to a traditional VMS.

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