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Cámara térmica AXIS

Grekkom Technologies develops Sentinel Embedded for AXIS Cameras, a perimeter surveillance system integrated into the video surveillance camera

Sentinel Embedded for AXIS Cameras, developed by Grekkom Technologies, is an advanced video analysis system integrated into a camera for perimeter surveillance, allowing effective intruder detection without the need for an external server.

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Miguel Ángel León, nuevo Director Nacional de Ventas de Grekkom Technologies

Miguel Ángel León, new National Sales Director of Grekkom Technologies

Miguel Ángel León assumes the direction of the commercial department of Grekkom Technologies for the Spanish territory and Portugal after having held the direction of the technical department for the last three years.

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Auto-tracking systems for dome cameras

Auto-tracking systems imply a giant leap forward in relation to the features offered by cameras available on the market. When a person is detected by this device, the lens zooms in on the individual and tracks all of his/her motions until the person leaves the camera’s field of view. Auto-tracking for dome cameras is an […]

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software analitica de video

Why you need video analytics software

Video surveillance systems are used in an increasing number of companies and sectors every day, which has led to an exponential growth in the needs that they address. This increase in the functionalities that camera-based systems offer has gone hand in hand with a significant increase in the number of recording and monitoring hours that […]

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videovigilancia inteligente

How intelligent video surveillance can help you

The video surveillance market has experienced a constant evolution and sustained growth during the last few years, to an extent that today estimations show an annual compound growth rate of over 15%, and that this trend will remain steady until at least 2022.

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camaras de seguridad industriales

Industrial security cameras: types and characteristics

It has now been a long time since industrial security cameras stopped being a novelty that very few companies had, to become an indispensable device within the security systems used by business organizations. Day to day commercial operations require devices such as closed circuit television (known as CCTV) to identify all sorts of potential dangers, […]

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