Statement on the impact of COVID19 and actions taken by Grekkom Technologies. Learn more

COVID-19 statement

Statement on the impact of COVID19 and actions taken by Grekkom Technologies

As is known, the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having worldwide is profound at multiple levels: not only does it threaten people’s health, but it is also affecting the way in which we relate and develop the different activities of our day to day. Grekkom Technologies, as a global company, has adopted a series of actions to face the challenges of the disease in order to guarantee the continuity of its service and the current software projects under development, as well as to provide valuable solutions from the technology.

Facilities disinfection and remote work policies

All our facilities are periodically disinfected, according to the recommendations of the health authorities, and the necessary prevention mechanisms have been provided for those of our employees who must carry out (totally or partially) their work in them.

Priority policies for remote work have been implemented in all our departments, facilitating the uninterrupted performance of support and assistance tasks for our clients.

Investment in R&D aimed at generating valuable solutions for COVID-19

At Grekkom we understand the value of technology to face the challenges generated by the current health emergency situation, and we have oriented our efforts to the development of tools that provide efficient solutions such as HTC Server Based and HTC Embedded for AXIS Cameras that allow the detection of people with high temperature in the most diverse environments and facilities.

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