Facial Recognition technology, key to effective capacity control

Capacity Control through Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition technology, key to effective capacity control

November 08, 2023

Capacity control is an essential measure to ensure the security and well-being of people in public and private spaces. In recent years, Facial Recognition technology has become a key tool for this purpose, as it allows to count accurately and in real time the number of people accessing, staying and leaving a given venue.

Benefits of our Facial Recognition Capacity Control Solution

Grekkom‘s facial recognition-based capacity control solution offers a number of benefits that make it an ideal choice for any company or organization that needs to ensure compliance with capacity restrictions:

  • Accuracy: Grekkom’s solution boasts an accuracy of 99.87%, ensuring the reliability of the gauging data.
  • Speed: The solution is capable of counting the number of people in a space in less than 100 milliseconds, allowing immediate action to be taken in the event that the permitted capacity is exceeded.
  • Flexibility: The solution can be adapted to any type of space, from small stores to large stadiums.
  • Integrity: The solution complies with privacy and data protection regulations.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Grekkom’s solution offers excellent value for money.

The 5 key features of our solution for capacity control

Grekkom‘s Facial Recognition-based Capacity Control solution has the following key features:

  • Real-time video analysis: The solution uses video cameras to analyze the environment in real time and detect the faces of people in the space.
  • Facial recognition: The solution uses facial recognition algorithms to identify the faces of people already registered in the database.
  • People counting: The solution uses facial recognition information to count the number of people accessing, staying and leaving the space.
  • Alerts and alarms: The solution can issue alerts or alarms when the capacity is exceeded or when a person is detected who is not authorized to access the space.
  • Statistical analysis: The solution provides statistical information about the capacity of the space, such as the number of people accessing per hour, per day or per week.

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