Grekkom Technologies

We are a company that specializes in the sale and development of video analytics for both thermal and visible spectrum cameras.

Our technology

Our portfolio includes over thirty video analytics systems, each of which is specifically designed for the purpose of detection and to obtain the maximum analysis performance based on the type of camera being used.

We currently cater to the following fields:

  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Fire detection & prevention
  • Process and production control

  • Risk prevention
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary
  • Traffic

Why do our clients choose our services?

The quality of our analytics, as well as their detection effectiveness and the excellent quality of our services have positioned us as a leader in our sector and allowed us to garner the trust of the most important distributors and integrators in the national and international market.

Grekkom News

Facial Recognition technology, key to effective capacity control

Facial Recognition technology, key to effective capacity control

November 08, 2023

Capacity control is an essential measure to ensure the security and well-being of people in public and private spaces. In recent years, Facial Recognition technology has become a key tool for this purpose, as it allows to count accurately and in real time the number of people accessing, staying and leaving a given venue.

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