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How to improve the user experience in Retail through real-time video analysis

Cómo mejorar la experiencia de usuario en Retail mediante análisis de vídeo en tiempo real

How to improve the user experience in Retail through real-time video analysis

September 15, 2022

The new video-analysis solutions, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition technology, represent an incremental improvement in the user experience in the retail sector: greater security, demographic analysis, capacity control, loyalty programs, identification of VIPs… A whole new experience for the retail shopper and manager.

From the point of view of video surveillance applied to retail, few solutions stand out at the level of Aware, a powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Some of the most notable benefits of Aware in retail are:

  • Know how many people have visited the store: it allows to have reliable data on the flow of customers at different times of the year. This helps anticipate potential stockouts or create a more effective marketing campaign.
  • Confirm customer segmentation: the segmentation work allows us to know what the typical customer of a business is like. The images will confirm whether or not the advertising and the proposed offer fit in with the people actually entering the retail business.
  • The time spent in the store: checking the customer’s movements in the retail store or if they find what they are looking for is vital to move forward.
  • How many times does the same customer return to the store: it can be per week, per month or per year. The system allows customers to be recognized automatically. Thus, it is possible to enhance loyalty and commitment to the corresponding commercial brand.
  • The level of conversion: it is enough to review the images and use the corresponding software to know how many people end up buying something after completing their tour of the store.

Facial recognition applied to the retail sector

On the other hand, the Facial Recognition – SAFR technology represents an enormous advance in improving the customer experience and in the management of the retail business itself, highlighting, among others, the following advantages:

  • Demographic Analysis: Is the product reaching the right market segment? How are different target audiences consuming it? Demographic analysis using facial recognition makes it easy to obtain the data you need to answer these kinds of key questions.
  • Capacity Control: facial recognition technology for capacity control applies video analysis in real time by means of AI to determine the number of people who enter, stay and leave a certain venue. It is capable of issuing the alerts or alarms arranged when the capacity is complete, and also makes it possible, among others, to increase security through access control or the hygienic-sanitary measures in place to combat COVID-19 such as the detection of masks.
  • Loyalty Programs: facial recognition technology applied to loyalty programs facilitates the activation of loyalty accounts for registered customers without the need to swipe a card or enter identification information. This makes loyalty programs based on facial recognition a whole new experience: agile, personal, contactless and, above all, immediate and in real time.
  • VIP Identification: the technology of Facial Recognition of video analysis in real time allows, by comparing a database of previous records, to identify the identity of the people viewed and detect those classified as VIP. In this way, it is guaranteed that only people in this category have access to additional services or benefits (such as fast queues, private access or exclusive spaces and unique services).

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