SCAN – Biometric Access Control

Smart and affordable Biometric Access Control

Facial Recognition SCAN is an entirely frictionless experience that allows users to naturally walk to the door, and in real-time use your face as your credentials. Facial Recognition SCAN will quickly authenticate you against a database of 20,000 images. It’s simple, intuitive, and secure. Facial Recognition SCAN easily integrates with any access control solution which ensures a quick and cost-effective installation. Maintain a secure environment while giving users the peace of mind that comes with never having to remember their key card.


  • 20,000 user capacity.
  • Can withstand extreme conditions.
  • With Wiegand and OSDP, works with existing access control system.
  • Edge solution for fast and accurate recognition.
  • High throughput.
  • Easy enrollment options.
  • Supports dual or single-factor authentication.
  • Touchless access to doors.
  • Works in extreme lighting conditions indoor/outdoor.
  • Get real-time reporting and auditing.
  • Grant/revoke access instantly.
  • Audio enabled.
  • Reader management configuration software.

Applies to

  • Offices.
  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Banks.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Stadiums and Events.
  • Casinos.

SCAN overview
SCAN overview


SCAN overview


SCAN overview

Access granted

Discover the advantages of SCAN

Developed for a wide variety of applications, SCAN is fast and contactless to facilitate secure access traffic. It works both outdoors and indoors, even in poor lighting conditions.

SCAN‘s advanced algorithms and 3D analysis provide accurate identification and detection of potential phishing, ensuring authorized and secure access. On the contrary, unknown people will be rejected and real-time alerts will be issued automatically.

With SCAN you will have a control panel where you can view, audit and control the entrances and exits of all authorized persons.

SCAN is a stand-alone Facial Recognition solution that is quick and easy to install.

SCAN works with all major access control platforms.

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SCAN - Mobile enrollment

Mobile enrollment


OSDP / Wiegand

SCAN - Tailgating detection

Tailgating detection


Works outdoors

SCAN - Anti-spoofing


SCAN - Network
SCAN dimensions
SCAN dimensions
SCAN dimensions
SCAN - Biometric Access Control
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Download the spec sheet for our Facial Recognition - SCAN analytics.

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