Facial Recognition for Stadiums and Events

Facial recognition for stadiums and events

Both large sporting and other events (for example, mass concerts) present several complex security issues due to the number of attendees. Facial Recognition technology – SAFR offers a robust and agile solution when it comes to managing access control and capacity control, identifying in real time individuals previously banned from the facilities for violent behavior or facilitating the entry of registered users such as VIP members, in addition to providing greater ticket sales.


  • Identification.
  • Access control.
  • Capacity control.

Application Environments

  • Stadiums.
  • Sports events.
  • Musical events.
  • Massive events.
  • Etc.

Stadiums - Facial Recognition

What advantages does facial recognition bring to the management of stadiums and events?

Once inside the stadium, facial recognition can facilitate a contactless method of purchasing food and beverages, as well as purchasing merchandise. Similarly, this technology can eliminate many points of contact commonly encountered by facility employees, such as the use of traditional access cards, while also offering significant security enhancements.

On the other hand, as long as hygienic-sanitary measures remain in force to control pandemics such as COVID-19, facial recognition technology allows detecting the correct use of masks, playing an important role for fans to access the stadium of a way that minimizes the risk of contracting the virus. Facial recognition provides them with a completely contactless way to validate their access. Facial recognition can also be combined with other thermal image analysis technologies for human temperature control at the entrances to the enclosure, in order to detect people with a high temperature.

Automate Recognition of Known Persons

Automate Recognition of Known Persons

Matches faces appearing on live video feeds in real-time with 98.87% accuracy so registered individuals are always spotted despite challenging real-world conditions. More accurate and faster than manual monitoring.

24/7 Monitoring, Centralized Knowledge Bank

24/7 Monitoring, Centralized Knowledge Bank

Provides a central knowledge bank of known faces and monitoring activity that’s always up to date. Consistent across distributed locations, simple to update to ensure records are correct, and easy to search to perform post-event analysis.

Custom Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Custom Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Get instant notifications when persons of interest are spotted. Customize notifications and alarms based on a variety of detection or recognition events and program automated security response workflows and SMS and email notifications.

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Why choose Facial Recognition - SAFR?

  • Not all facial recognition systems are created equal: Facial Recognition – SAFR can instantly detect and accurately match millions of faces in real time — even in challenging real-world conditions where faces are in motion, at difficult angles, under poor lighting conditions or partially obscured.
  • Fast & Accurate: Facial Recognition – SAFR is 99.87% accurate and can detect and match a face in a live video feed in under 100 milliseconds — 3-5 times faster than competing facial recognition algorithms.
  • Actionable: Facial Recognition – SAFR provides live security analytics with rich metadata. View traffic volumes, demographic composition, dwell times and more. Configure custom reports, alerts and auto-actions based on detection and recognition events — from sending a message to security guards to initiating a building lockdown.

  • Secure & Private: Facial Recognition – SAFR uses bank-level encryption on all face signatures and images in transit or at rest. If run on premises or embedded on device, Facial Recognition – SAFR passes no data over the internet. Built with privacy by design principles, Facial Recognition – SAFR makes it easy to configure data retention settings and manage opt-in/opt-out lists.
  • Deployment Neutral: Facial Recognition – SAFR can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of video feeds, or scaled to thousands of cameras. The software can be hosted on premises or in the cloud, or deployed on even the most constrained camera-equipped devices with Facial Recognition – SAFR SDKs.
  • Distributed & Flexible: Facial Recognition – SAFR uses a distributed architecture to consume bandwidth more efficiently than many facial recognition providers. With the Facial Recognition – SAFR system’s edge intelligence for detection, recognition on the server, compatibility with off-the-shelf hardware and ability to leverage inexpensive GPUs, adding face recognition to your security tools is easier and more cost effective than you might think.

VMS / Integrated platforms

Facial Recognition for Stadiums and Events - Grekkom
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