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Intelligent fire detection solution for critical scenarios of high ecological value areas


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Fire Detection and Prevention




  • Fire
  • Hot-Spots
  • Temperature Variation

Applies to

  • Forest Fire prevention
  • Tunnel Emergency Management
  • Dumping plants fire prevention
  • Recycle plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Maritime. Freight Hold



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Why choose Watchman?

  • Long range detection. Minimum detection size >2 pixels
  • Detects a fire of 1mt x 1mt size 5km away using a 25o FOV camera
  • Efficiency. Minimum false alarm rate guaranteed. Less than 2%
  • Detection NOT based on radiation levels, but on time frame analysis of the behavior and morphology of the scenario
  • Algorithms developed specifically for thermal cameras (not adapted from CCTV)

  • Cost effective
  • 8.000 Hectares coverage with just one camera
  • Does not require thermogrpahic cameras for forest fire detection
  •  Accuracy. Positions alarms with UTM coordinates on real time
  •  Verification. Automatic domo positioning for video verifying using UTM coordinate

Integrated cameras


VMS / Integrated platforms

ARC / Alarm receiver software

Technical requirements

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras: Intel Core i5 dual core with 4GB RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphic card with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port
  • Up to 16 cameras: Intel Core i7 dual core with 8GB RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphiccard with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port

Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our Watchman analytics.

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