HTC (Human Temperature Control) Server Based

HTC Server Based is an advanced analysis system for human temperature control


  • Humans with high temperature or in a given fixed temperature range

Applies to

  • Airports
  • Cruises
  • Border control
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Offices buildings
  • Industrial facilities

HTC Human Temperature Control Server Based

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Why choose HTC - Human Temperature Control - Server Based?

  • Real-time reporting of temperature variation events for rapid commissioning and testing.
  • Available on fixed or portable set-ups.
  • Generates Summary Event Report (SER) for post-event diagnostics. Available in XML, Excel, PDF formats.
  • Heat emission and distance configuration available by mask configurator.
  • Image adjustments by enhance or lineal temperature.
  • Intuitive detection mask configurator.

  • Image or video capture responding to alarms.
  • Digital output support available ( PLC & ADAM).
  • Digital input support available (PLC & ADAM).
  • Integrates with principal VMS on the market and ARC software.
  • Possibility of evaluating 1 to 3 people according to the optics and the detection distance.
  • Allows the configuration of environmental parameters to improve stability.
  • Does not require Blackbody.

Integrated cameras

MX-16-TR Serie

AXX, A3XX, A4XX y A7XX Series

VMS / Integrated platforms

Technical requirements

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
installed on any system that meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras: Intel Core i5 dual core with 8GB RAM; Windows 10; recommended: Ethernet port.

HTC Server Based
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our HTC Server Based analytics.

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Disclaimer: Our products are not used to diagnose the COVID-19. Grekkom is not advertising or promoting HTC – Human Temperature Control – for use in the medical industry or for medical purposes. HTC can identify individuals in a population that show elevated body temperature in relation to average population. HTC do not find individuals experiencing coronavirus or other virus symptoms. There is no way to thermally detect, identify or diagnose an infected individual. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if a hot individual is experiencing COVID-19 or any other virus or illness. Read more

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