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HTC Server Based

HTC Server Based is an advanced analysis system for human temperature control



  • Humans with high temperature or in a given fixed temperature range

Applies to

  • Airports
  • Cruises
  • Border control
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Offices buildings
  • Industrial facilities

HTC Human Temperature Control Server Based

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Why choose HTC - Human Temperature Control - Server Based?

  • Real-time reporting of temperature variation events for rapid commissioning and testing.
  • Available on fixed or portable set-ups.
  • Generates Summary Event Report (SER) for post-event diagnostics. Available in XML, Excel, PDF formats.
  • Heat emission and distance configuration available by mask configurator.
  • Image adjustments by enhance or lineal temperature.
  • Intuitive detection mask configurator.

  • Image or video capture responding to alarms.
  • Digital output support available ( PLC & ADAM).
  • Digital input support available (PLC & ADAM).
  • Integrates with principal VMS on the market and ARC software.
  • Possibility of evaluating 1 to 3 people according to the optics and the detection distance.
  • Allows the configuration of environmental parameters to improve stability.
  • Does not require Blackbody.

Integrated cameras

MX-16-TR Serie

AXX, A3XX, A4XX y A7XX Series

VMS / Integrated platforms

Technical requirements

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
installed on any system that meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras: Intel Core i5 dual core with 8GB RAM; Windows 10; recommended: Ethernet port.

HTC Server Based
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our HTC Server Based analytics.

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