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Coast Guard

Advanced system for detection, positioning and monitoring of vessels in maritime, fluvial and port scenarios; both with fixed and embarked camera


Our Analytics

Maritime Surveillance

Coast Guard



  • Small and big boat
  • Prowling
  • Abandoned Object
  • Cross Border
  • Floating Object Detection
  • Invasion
  • Approach

Applies to:

  • Port Surveillance
  • Fish farms
  • Offshore platforms
  • Maritime / customs surveillance
  • Maritime Rescue
  • Detection risk boarding

Coast Guard

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Why choose Coastguard?

  • Long range: minimum detection size >2 pixels
  • Minimum false alarm rate (2-5%). Does not generate false alarm by waves.
  • Multiple detection alarms. Patterns already pre-configured and integrated into the application
  • Specific three-dimensional analysis algorithms for thermal radiation (not inherited from CCTV).
  • Detection not based on radiation levels but on temporal, behavioral and morphological analysis of the scenario.

  • Configuration and work based on meters, not pixels
  • Tracking and geographic positioning of targets in real UTM coordinates
  • Philosophy of work in real time
  • Integrated with most commercial VMS
  • Software module: Ease of integration in pre-existing surveillance systems

Integrated cameras


VMS / Integrated platforms

ARC / Alarm receiver software

Technical requirements

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
installed on any system that meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras:: Intel Core i5 dual core processor with 4GB of RAM; Windows XP or higher; recommended: graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support; Ethernet port
  • Up to 16 cameras: Intel Core i7 quad core processor with 8GB of RAM; Windows XP or higher; recommended: graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support; Ethernet port

Coast Guard
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Download the spec sheet for our Coast Guard analytics.

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