Perimeter Lockout AI

Perimeter Lockout AI is a flexible and scalable solution based on Deep Learning for professional users


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Perimeter Surveillance

Perimeter Lockout AI


Perimeter Lockout AI video analytics algorithms are based on artificial intelligence and are mainly used in professional environments

Perimeter Lockout AI modules are characterized by highest stability, accuracy &quality, easy configuration, VMS integration (Milestone, SeeTec and others) as well as excellent support.


  • Intrusion
  • Prowling
  • Crawling
  • Dropped / removed object
  • Frontier crossing
  • Stopped vehicle
  • Vehicle driving against traffic

Applies to

  • Critical infrastructures
  • Photovoltaic power stations
  • Prison surveillance
  • Frontier/ border control
  • Residential areas surveillance
  • Tunnels
  • Railway surveillance

Perimeter Lookout AI

Key features

  • Automatic camera detection.
  • Easy scene calibration based on body size directly in the live video view.
  • Optimized for 24/7 real-time operation.
  • Milestone XProtect integration.
  • Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel/meter.

  • It does not generate false alarms due to vegetation.
  • It does not generate false alarms for animals.
  • It does not generate false alarms due to changes in lighting.
  • It does not generate false alarms due to drops on rainy days.

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Why choose Perimeter Lockout AI?

  • Outdoor & Indoor zones, buildings and premises, in general, are reliably secured with our intelligent perimeter protection.
  • Early alarms are triggered by unwanted intruders detected with our easy to configure perimeter protection.
  • Our algorithms are very stable with excellent low false alarm rates. Furthermore, we do support various scenarios for proximity detection ranging from crawling to sprint.

  • The configuration of our perimeter protection is very user friendly to configure and offers a simple zone system. Of course, we do allow the combination of several parameters like speed, direction and retention time.
  • A specialized filter algorithm (based on artificial intelligence) supports the avoidance of unwanted alarms. For improved accuracy, special conditions of a certain protected zone can be trained by machine learning to improve efficiency in perimeter protection.
  • Object recognition for perimeter and zone protection is primarily implemented with novel tracking by detection systems based on neural networks. A classifier algorithm is applied to the respective scene enabling the distinction between different objects.

VMS / Integrated platforms

Perimeter Lockout AI
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