Sentinel Embedded for DAHUA Cameras

Advanced video analysis system integrated in camera for perimeter surveillance. Available for thermal cameras

DAHUA compatible application


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Perimeter Surveillance

Sentinel Embedded for DAHUA Cameras



  • Intrusion
  • Prowling
  • Crawling
  • Dropped / removed object
  • Frontier crossing
  • Invasion
  • Stopped vehicle
  • Vehicle driving against traffic
  • Sabotage

Applies to

  • Critical infrastructures
  • Photovoltaic power stations
  • Prison surveillance
  • Frontier/ border control
  • Residential areas surveillance
  • Tunnel surveillance
  • Railway & Subway surveillance

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Why choose Sentinel Embedded for DAHUA Cameras?

  • Automatic 3-D radiation analysis of objects on scene. Beyond video analytics.
  • Specific algorithms for thermal imaging, not algorithms adapted from CCTV.
  • Increases detection & recognition range. Minimum target size: >1 pixels.
    Saves 45-55% the number of thermal cameras compared to other analytics.
    Saves 80-90% the number of CCTV cameras compared to other CCTV video analytics.
  • Minimum False alarm rate (2-5% rate over total alarms registered).
    Discriminates objects by size (objects measured on mts).
    Discriminates objects by behavior.
  • Alarm positioning on real UTM coordinates and on real-time. Camera triangulation NOT required, just one camera needed.
  • Integrated with principal VMS on the market: Milestone, Genetec, IDIS, Avigilon, Pelco, Lattitude, Geutebrück, Digifort, Desico.

  • Integrated with principal ARC Software: Manitou, Mastermind, SoftGuard.
  • Domotion. Automatic domo/s camera positioning for video verifying.
  • Configuration & performance based on meters, not on pixels.
  • Software License.
  • Easy setup. Plug & Play.
  • Web configuration interface.
  • Up to 10 detection zones detecting simultaneously.
  • Activate speakers, alarms, spotlights, etc.

Integrated cameras

Dahua TPC-BF54 Series

Dahua TPC-BF54 Series

Dahua TPC-BF56 Series

Dahua TPC-BF56 Series

VMS / Integrated platforms

Sentinel Embedded for DAHUA Cameras
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our Sentinel Embedded for DAHUA Cameras analytics.

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