Video-analytics specifically developed for the control of the electrical system and catenaries in railway installations


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The catenaries or overhead contact lines, as well as the rest of the electrical infrastructure of the railway facilities, are critical for the safe transit of passengers. CATENARY is our real-time thermal image analysis solution to detect possible incidents on the network.


  • Overheating detection of components in catenaries.
  • Analysis and detection of temperature fluctuations in catenaries and electrical conductors.

Applies to

  • Catenaries
  • Electric conductors

Algorítmica específica para señal térmica

Specific algorithm for thermal signal

Integrado con los principales VMS y CRAs del mercado

Integrated with the main VMS and ARC software on the martket

Activa altavoces, alarmas, focos, etc.

Activates speakers, alarms, spotlights, etc.

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Why choose Catenary?

  • Positioning with UTM / GPS coordinates of the affected catenaries.
  • Real-time reporting of temperature variation events for rapid commissioning and testing.
  • Available on fixed or portable set-ups.
  • Heat emission and distance configuration available by mask configurator.
  • Image adjustments by enhance or lineal temperature.
  • Temperature color palette editor.
  • Intuitive mask design editor.
  • Simultaneous temperature and time-frame analysis.

  • Generates Summary Event Report (SER) for post-event diagnostics. Available in XML, Excel, PDF formats.
  • Boolean logic functions programing available for alarm triggering.
  • Off-line evaluation available. Picture: RAW thermometric. Video: RAW Thermometric, Thermometric compressed.
  • Image or video capture responding to alarms.
  • Digital output support available ( PLC & ADAM).
  • Digital input support (PLC).
  • Integrated with principal VMS on the market: Milestone, Genetec, Geutebrück, Ganetec, Desico….

Integrated cameras

FLIR A3 Series

FLIR A3 Series

FLIR A4 Series

FLIR A4 Series

FLIR A5 Series

FLIR A5 Series

FLIR A7 Series

FLIR A7 Series

Mobotix M16

Mobotix M16

VMS / Integrated platforms

ARC / Alarm Receiver Software

Catenary - Video Analytics
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our Catenary analytics.

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