Engine monitor

Analytics developed specifically to detect the heating of vehicles and their components


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Engine monitor



  • Monitoring of over-heated vehicles and parts.
  • Monitoring of over heated parts on machinery and equipment.

Applies to

  • Ferry Load Deck Gate
  • Ship Engine room
  • Vehicles
    • Engines
    • Brakes
    • Cooler
  • Machinery
    • Conveyor Belts
    • Elevators
    • Vehicle Brakes

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Why choose Engine monitor?

  • Critical real-­‐time reporting and logging Real-­‐time reporting of temperature variation events for rapid  commissioning and testing.
  • Available on fixed or Portable set-­‐ups.
  • Generates Summary Event Report (SER) for post-­‐event diagnostics. Available in XML, Excel, PDF formats.
  • Heat emission and distance configuration available by mask configurator.
  • Image adjustments by enhance or lineal temperature.
  • Temperature Color palette editor.
  • Intuitive mask design editor.

  • Simultaneous temperature and time-­‐frame analysis.
  • Boolean logic functions programing available for alarm triggering.
  • Off-­‐line evaluation available (picture: RAW thermometric / video: RAW Thermometric, Ngaro  Thermometric compressed).
  • Image or video capture responding to alarms.
  • Digital output support available ( PLC & ADAM).

Integrated cameras

Embedded version

Integrated cameras





VMS / Integrated platforms

ARC / Alarm receiver software

Technical requirements

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
nstalled on any system that meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras: Intel Core i5 dual core with 4GB RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphic card  with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port
  • Up to 16 cameras: Intel Core i7 dual core with 8GB RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphic card  with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port

Engine monitor
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our Engine monitor analytics.

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