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Analytics developed specifically for the control of the correct operation of electrical substations


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Power Substation monitor


Performance and security with Power Substation monitor

Power Substation Monitor is a video analytics solution for thermal imaging cameras (with a server-based or camera-embedded option) that allows real-time monitoring of critical components for the correct operation of electrical substations, detecting temperature fluctuations in components, overheating or coating defects. Thanks to the proactive and remote control of Power Substation Monitor, it is not necessary to review on site all the substation nodes arranged in a network, which results in considerable cost savings in travel, repairs and labor. Power Substation Monitor generates real-time reports and alarms for critical component overheating for quick verification and action.


  • Analysis and detection of temperature oscillations in critical components of electrical substations.
  • Temperature fluctuations, hot spots, coating defects.

Applies to

  • Electrical substations.

Power substation

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Why choose Power Substation monitor?

  • Embedded version available.
  • Critical real-time reporting and logging Real-time reporting of temperature variation  events for rapid commissioning and testing.
  • Available on fixed or Portable set-ups.
  • Generates Summary Event Report (SER) for post-event diagnostics. Available in XML, Excel, PDF formats.
  • Heat emission  and distance configuration available by mask configurator.
  • Image adjustments by enhance or lineal temperature.
  • Temperature Color palette editor.
  • Intuitive mask design editor.

  • Simultaneous temperature and time-frame analysis.
  • Boolean logic functions programing available for alarm triggering.
  • Off-line evaluation available (picture: RAW thermometric; video: RAW thermometric).
  • Image or video capture responding to alarms.
  • Digital output support available ( PLC & ADAM).
  • Digital input support (PLC).
  • Communications and Integration. Integrates with the main VMS on the market.

Served Based version

Integrated cameras

MX-16-TR Serie

AXX, A3XX, A4XX y A7XX Series



Embedded version

Integrated cameras





VMS / Integrated platforms

ARC / Alarm receiver software

Technical Specifications

All of our licenses are OEM (software) and can be
installed on any system that meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 8 cameras: Intel Core i5 dual core with 4GB  RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphic card with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port
  • Up to 16 cameras: Intel Core i7 dual core with 8GB  RAM; Windows XP o superior; recommended: Graphic card with OpenGL 2.0; Ethernet port

Power Substation monitor
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