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KRON Analytics is a business intelligence platform that provides robust indicators about your business.


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Our business intelligence platform offers powerful indicators about your business, with which you can effectively discover and analyze countless information such as; how many people enter your business, age and gender of your customers, recurring visits of the same user, how many people queue to pay at the cash register, what is the average time at the point of sale and much more. If there is a data to collect, Kron Analytics is the solution.

Explore high-impact indicators for your business

Through our business intelligence platform, access powerful metrics that will allow you to effectively discover and analyze a variety of data relevant to your business.

Get detailed information such as the number of visitors, the demographics of your customers in terms of age and gender, the frequency of visits by recurring users, the size of checkout queues, the average time at the point of sale, and many other key statistics.

Multi-industry BI platform

Smart Retail

Kron Analytics is an essential tool for marketing, security, financial, operations and maintenance managers. Our BI provides critical, real-time data for decision making, improving efficiency and cost savings.

Smart Cities

Smart cities today generate large volumes of data, our open platform provides analytical solutions to work with the data obtained.

One of the main objectives of smart cities is to optimize technological resources helping users to reduce costs by boosting efficiency.

Industry 4.0

We distribute solutions for the industrial sector adapted to the needs of each project and client, from SCADA and monitoring for industrial processes, industrial traffic management such as license plate reading through video analysis and, for example, occupational risk prevention.

Application environments



Optimize inventories, predict trends, personalize experiences and increase efficiencies

Smart itie

Smart Cities

Integrate data to manage urban resources in innovative ways

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Achieve smart, efficient and customizable production, boosting competitiveness



Efficiently manage customer flow and queues


Banking sector

Optimizes bank branch resources and manages its potential



Take control of the visitor experience and boost business in the park

Large spaces

Large spaces

Provide a safe environment by providing intelligence to your fairgrounds or stadium



Friendlier and more sustainable transport stations and infrastructures

Why choose KRON Analytics

  • Drag & Drop Charts – Management Dashboard: design and create your dashboards easily and quickly, organize what data you want to see and how to present it. Generate powerful reports for your business in two clicks. All the business intelligence information about your business organized.
  • Business efficiency: improve the efficiency of your business with the key ratios offered by the platform.
  • Experience: our team has a long history in the field of video surveillance, artificial intelligence and intelligent video analytics. Having developed projects in sectors such as industrial, commercial and governmental.

  • Speed: the data integration is done quickly, in real time you will be able to visualize data about your points of sale, passers-by vs. visits, age and gender, recurrent visits, total capacity and much more.
  • Reports: with the data obtained you will be able to visualize and generate in our platform analytical reports according to your needs. We will show you your data in an easy way so that you can maximize your business opportunities.
  • Resource management: size your staff in a more efficient way.

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