Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Administration and Government

Aware is a powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning and AI capabilities

Advantages of video analytics in the Administration and Government sector

Video analytics is understood as the technology based on a software application that analyzes the images that are captured by certain video cameras autonomously and in real time.

The advantages of video analytics in the Administration and Government sector are certainly significant, since, as a video surveillance system, it allows information that is often very valuable to be obtained from the captured images. This translates into greater ease for the different public administrations and government agencies to process the data obtained and, consequently, make effective decisions and take correct measures immediately in the face of any irregular situation.

Why video analytics is useful in the Administration and Government sector

Ava Aware‘s video analysis allows Government institutions and Public Administration to carry out a real-time interpretation of different video sources, thus reliably analyzing the data that the cameras are collecting. This type of analysis allows possible irregularities or risk situations to be detected, which would generate an alert that would immediately notify the personnel in charge of solving the problem.

Among other practical purposes, the use of Ava Aware in the Administration and the Government allows identifying, classifying and registering people or objects. These can be very useful for:

  • The identification of specific faces and people in a given scenario.
  • The identification of vehicle license plates or other objects.
  • The detection and location of firearms.
  • Detection of suspicious movements.
  • Counts of people or objects.
  • Timely detection of criminal or violent actions.

What are the main advantages of video analytics in the Administration and Government sector?

Taking into account the objectives outlined in the previous section, the most significant advantages that the use of Ava Aware implies for the Administration and the Government would be the following:

  • Save time and effort in the supervision and surveillance of certain events and/or scenarios.
  • It provides records with valuable information that can be very useful for making effective decisions.
  • It allows preventive action against possible incidents that could take place in the monitored environment.
  • It facilitates extensive perimeter surveillance, thanks to which it is possible to detect a large number of movements and actions carried out by people, vehicles or other objects.
  • It increases the level of security in the video-monitored environment, which is very useful in the case of access controls and capacity for certain public events.
  • It facilitates the management of several devices at the same time through centralized monitoring of the different cameras connected to the same server.
  • It saves money, since the monitoring system, in addition to reducing storage costs, means that fewer operators specialized in personal surveillance are necessary.

In short, the use of Ava Aware video analytics in the public sector favors the correct collection of data and, with it, decision-making that helps improve the functioning of the Administration, better management of available resources and greater level of security for citizens in general.

Scalable, intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you gain real-time insight and visibility from anywhere

Open, scalable, secure and easy to use, Aware is a powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning and AI capabilities. Suitable for both large distributed enterprise installations and small implementations, Aware analyzes all video streams from any camera all the time and in real time. It identifies objects and events, sends instant rule-based alarms and detects unusual activity. With Aware, you can also quickly search by event, object and similarity to find a specific person, vehicle or event of interest across countless hours of video in seconds or minutes.

Take advantage of Aware‘s open API and connect it to your existing sensors, access control systems, dashboards, external viewers or communication systems to get a 360-degree overview of your environment. Moreover, Aware helps you manage all your devices and site-wide security with a simple web-based interface and Android and iOS apps accessible from anywhere without additional plug-ins or configurations.

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Certifications and awards

AVA - ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 certification: this certification guarantees our commitment to good security culture, processes and technology.

AVA - o Ganador de producto inteligente de los premios Red Dot

Winner of the Red Dot Smart Product Award: the Ava Cloud Video Security solution won an award in the “Smart Product” category, demonstrating high design quality and an innovative approach to video security solutions.

Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Administration and Government
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