Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Stadiums and Events

Aware is a powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning and AI capabilities

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Advantages of Aware for Stadiums and Events

Today, using the Ava Aware AI VMS, alone or in combination with our other solutions, provides some world-class benefits. Among the most outstanding utilities are the following:

  • Perimeter surveillance: the entire perimeter of the field of play or the stadium that is monitored will be controlled. Any type of intrusion will be avoided and it will be possible to react appropriately.
  • Suspect detection: by implementing facial recognition it is possible to detect possible suspects and notify the police immediately.
  • Identification of VIPs: the video analytics system allows users registered as VIPs to enter easily, quickly and safely.
  • Access and capacity control: Access and capacity can also be controlled more easily, which allows the organization and evolution of the event to be more secure.

Aware can be used in different types of stadiums and massive events, as well as in large multinational companies. It allows safe, reliable access and exit and will control everything that happens in the facilities and the perimeter of the building that you want to control.

Among the most outstanding advantages that can be found in Aware in combination with our facial recognition solutions are the following:

  • Facial recognition: it is one of the most used techniques in security issues for massive events, which is why companies install it in stadiums. Through facial recognition it is possible to recognize any kind of suspicious person and activate alert systems.
  • Constant supervision: through the implementation of video analytics, constant and absolute control of everything that happens on the field of play and in the waiting public can be established. Security is maintained at all times and allows immediate action in the event of any kind of inconvenience.
  • Control of violence: if any type of violent action occurs, it is possible to detect it and find a solution immediately. Video analysis allows permanent damage control.

The benefits of Ava Aware for stadiums and events mean benefits for the safety of spectators in any kind of stadium or large event. Keeping a dangerous situation under control allows, not only to control possible accidents, but also to correct and avoid any type of collateral damage that may arise from an isolated act of intentional violence.

Scalable, intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you gain real-time insight and visibility from anywhere

Open, scalable, secure and easy to use, Aware is a powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine learning and AI capabilities. Suitable for both large distributed enterprise installations and small implementations, Aware analyzes all video streams from any camera all the time and in real time. It identifies objects and events, sends instant rule-based alarms and detects unusual activity. With Aware, you can also quickly search by event, object and similarity to find a specific person, vehicle or event of interest across countless hours of video in seconds or minutes.

Take advantage of Aware‘s open API and connect it to your existing sensors, access control systems, dashboards, external viewers or communication systems to get a 360-degree overview of your environment. Moreover, Aware helps you manage all your devices and site-wide security with a simple web-based interface and Android and iOS apps accessible from anywhere without additional plug-ins or configurations.

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Certifications and awards

AVA - ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 certification: this certification guarantees our commitment to good security culture, processes and technology.

AVA - o Ganador de producto inteligente de los premios Red Dot

Winner of the Red Dot Smart Product Award: the Ava Cloud Video Security solution won an award in the “Smart Product” category, demonstrating high design quality and an innovative approach to video security solutions.

Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Stadiums and Events
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