VMS Connector

VMS Connector, an effective solution to integrate our analytics into your VMS based on the RTSP real-time transfer protocol


VMS (Video Management System)

VMS Connector


VMS connector, a step forward in the integration of video stream (with bounding box) and alarms through the RTSP protocol in a direct way

The RTSP real-time transmission protocol allows and controls the sending of one or multiple data streams between two points (including video), which takes advantage of our new VMS Connector solution to make it possible to connect our video analytics with any VMS ( video management system) that supports this protocol.

Key features

  • RTSP camera video conversion to RTSP video stream with analytic overlay (bounding box) included.
  • Low video latency in the conversion.
  • Support for multiple video resolutions and frame rates.
  • Low CPU/GPU usage.
  • Easy to deploy and configure.
  • Appliable to any IP camera compatible with the RTSP stream protocol.

VMS Connector

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Not only connection to VMS, but also with video recorders

VMS Connector is not limited to sending the direct video stream processed by video analytics, it is also capable of admitting the stream received through the RTSP protocol and then being processed by any of our solutions for perimeter surveillance, industrial security, etc.

On the other hand, due to the extensive application of the RTSP protocol in the video security industry, not a few manufacturers have provided their video recorders with this functionality (we are talking about firms such as AXIS, Hikvision, DAHUA or MOBOTIX). In this way, thanks to VMS Connector we are able to send the processed video stream directly to the video recorder equipment.

VMS Connector
Download the spec sheet

Download the spec sheet for our VMS Connector analytics.

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