At Grekkom we work on the principle that the performance and effectiveness of our analytics are directly related to our clients’ level of satisfaction. We consider that the performance of our analytics completely depends on the right positioning of the cameras and the correct configuration and adjustment of the analytics, which is why Grekkom offers all of its clients the verification of the location of the cameras, the installation, setup and fine-tuning of our range of analytics solutions.

Preventive Maintenance

Analytics is a technology that requires constant adaptation and adjustment to the environment in order to guarantee a perfect operation. At Grekkom we consider that the key to a perfect operation, the efficiency of our analytics and, as a result, the satisfaction of our clients, thoroughly depends on an adequate maintenance. This is why, depending on how critical each installation / project may be, Grekkom offers three maintenance programs tailored to each type of project.

  • Basic Program
  • Advanced Program
  • Premium Program

Preventive Maintenance Programs





System installation (Ngaro DU Manager)

Detection mask configuration

Detection profile, system setup and installation backup.

Remote calibration and reconfiguration of detection masks if required.

Logging, analysis ans supervision of generated alarms (monthly)

Logging, analysis ans supervision of generated alarms (weekly)

Remote connection to analyze detections and fine-tune system (weekly)

Reconfiguration, calibration, fine tuning of the system in case of hardware failure (server, cameras)

License version update if required.

Periodic reporting (monthly)

Premium tech support (<24 hrs)

ARC/VMS connection diagnosis / supervision

Post-sales service

At Grekkom we believe that an outstanding service is the result of anticipating needs and offering a solution before the client requests it. This is why we offer all of our clients a team of professional, specialized technicians that will quickly and effectively solve any incident that may arise in any of the projects in which we are involved, in both the national and the international market.

Custom solutions

In addition to being a vendor, Grekkom also develops its own analytics solutions. This allows us to provide our clients with custom solutions, enabling us to tailor the analytics to the specific needs and requirements of each project.


In addition to the quality and effectiveness of our analytics, Grekkom’s success depends on our ability to integrate with existing security systems. Which is why Grekkom offers all of its clients the integration with VMS, ARC, Cameras and NVR free of charge.

Grekkom News

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