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Advantages of Ava Aware Heat Maps

Advantages of Ava Aware Heat Maps

January 07, 2022

Heat maps are one of the great benefits of Aware, the powerful cloud-based video management system (VMS) equipped with built-in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Heatmaps provide increased awareness of customer behavior, dwell times and congestion, transportation flows, or suspicious activity Heat maps are ideal for gaining more insight into retail, healthcare, schools and […]

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Why Grekkom?

  • The most complete offer for thermal and visible spectrum camera analytics.
  • The largest detection range on the market.
  • The lowest false alarm ratio on the market, 2-5%.
  • Proprietary solutions entirely developed by our technical team.
  • Analytics that are compatible with all thermal and visible spectrum cameras on the market, VMS and ARC.

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