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Real-time analytics specifically developed for the control and security of ports and maritime and river areas




Coast Guard

Advanced system for detection, positioning and monitoring of vessels in maritime, fluvial and port scenarios; both with fixed and embarked camera.


  • Small and big boat.
  • Prowling.
  • Abandoned Object.
  • Cross Border.
  • Floating Object Detection.
  • Invasion.
  • Approach.
Coast Guard


Advanced system for intrusion detection and surveillance in restricted areas.


  • Intrusion.
  • Loitering.
  • Abandoned / stolen object.
  • Border crossing.

Temp Thres-hold

Thermographic analytic specially develop to detect temperature oscillations and fire on high flamamble scenarios.


  • Temperature oscillation.
  • Hot Spots.
Grekkom Human Temperature Control

HTC Embedded for AXIS Cameras

Human Temperature Control for AXIS Cameras is an embedded solution specifically developed to automatically detect humans with high temperature in real time.


  • Humans with high temperature or in a given fixed temperature range.

Engine monitor

Analytics developed specifically to detect the heating of vehicles and their components.


  • Monitoring of over-heated vehicles and parts.
  • Monitoring of over heated parts on machinery and equipment.

Transformer monitor

Analytics developed specifically for the analysis and control of part overheating in critical machinery.


  • Transformer thermal and through-fault monitoring.
  • Temperature oscillation, hotspot, insulation aging acceleration factor, and loss of life.

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