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Renewable Energy

Real-time analytics specifically developed for the control and security of renewable energy production plants


Sentinel CCTV

Advanced system for intrusion detection in restricted areas.


  • Intrusion.
  • Loitering.
  • Abandoned / stolen object.
  • Border crossing.


Intelligent fire detection solution for critical scenarios or high ecological value areas.


  • Fire.
  • Hot-Spots.
  • Temperature Variation.

Temp Thres-hold

Thermographic analytic specially develop to detect temperature oscillations and fire on high flamamble scenarios.


  • Temperature oscillation.
  • Hot Spots.

Cell Monitor

Analytics specifically developed to detect malfunctioning cells on solar panels.


  • Malfunctioning solar cells.
  • Miss-Conducting Cells.
  • Loss efficiency cells.

Transformer monitor

Analytics developed specifically for the analysis and control of part overheating in critical machinery.


  • Transformer thermal and through-fault monitoring.
  • Temperature oscillation, hotspot, insulation aging acceleration factor, and loss of life.

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